I've played ogres since they were released and played in many tournaments since 8th edition. This list is a little different than my standard (but that gets boring).

Lv 4 Slaughtermaster w/dispel scroll

Bruiser BSB w/Banner of Eternal Flame

11 Ogres w/IF, Standard, Musician

8 Ironguts w/Standard, Musician

10 Maneaters w/Standard, Musician, Sniper, Poison, 4 Brace of Ogre Pistols

4 Mournfang Cavalry w/Standard, Musician, Dragonhide Banner

2 Independent Sabretusks

Maneaters are my death star, Ironguts are there to go against heavy armor, Orges are there because they rock and same goes for the MFC except on they go on the flank. BSB goes wherever I need flaming or in the middle of the battle line. Slaughtermaster does what Slaughtermasters do. Kitties annoy people - very much.

I'm thinking about removing standards for points denial only keeping the standard on MFC and BSB. I'd like a 3rd Sabretusk but haven't gotten around to buying another set.