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Thread: 2.5k Ogres list

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    2.5k Ogres list

    Lords 375
    Slaughtermaster lvl 4 Lore of the Greatmaw, Sword of Battle, Talasmin of Preservation, Dispell scroll

    Hunter- Blood Vulture, Sword of Swift slaying, Mountaineater name.
    Butcher- Lvl 2 Lore of beasts, IF, Hellheart.
    Bruiser-BSB Armor of Destiny IF

    Core 666
    9x Ogres FC IF LOG (Butcher would go here)
    6x IG's (BSB and Slaughtermaster would go here) FC LOG Standard Bearer has Dragonhide Banner

    4 sabertusks Hunter goes here
    4 leadbelchers


    Please comment I like comments

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    First off, I love that you're doing the hunter in sabertusks, they're sorely underrated. As for adjustments, I don't think you have enough to hold the line as far as bodies are concerned. The dragonhide banner on 6x IGs and the BSB is a lot of points in a small unit, so I'd avoid this. I'd say try to find your focus in making the army. I see a gorger and vanguarding hunter in your future, but these two units alone aren't enough to really be more than a minor inconvenience that even a few single units of sabertusks could provide (albeit not to the same degree). If you want to spend the points on a hunter in sabertusks, make him a threat + support him with more units to make the opponent really have to mess around with the movement of his whole army. a unit of 5 sabertusks + the hunter, 2x single saber tusks, a unit of scouting maneaters and a gorger (or a few MFC) could really make your opponent sweat if you wanted to really mess with him. You should still have enough points for a sufficient mass of ogres and a TT/SH + IB, too. Say:

    Lords: 320
    L4 SM w. GW, glittering scales (maw)

    Heroes: 504
    hunter w. longstrider, GW + talisman of endurance
    L1 butcher w. disp scroll (beasts)
    BSB w. talisman of preservation, warrior bane, IF + HA

    Core: 628
    19x Ogres w. IFs and musician + banner

    Special: 629
    5x sabertusks
    1x sabertusk
    1x sabertusk
    8x maneaters w. 4x extra HWs, 4x GWs, banner with flame banner + musician (scout and stubborn/another better skill depending on the opponent) 482


    This is something I'd recommend to keep the overall flavor of your existing list as it will put a strong initial threat on a flank + alongside a large and durable horde of ogres (22 strong with all the chars!). I traded the TT for a SH b/c it can move up pretty quickly to support the ME's and vanguarding hunter. If you're nervous about other power house units, take a CoC on your SM, axe the IB (i know, gasp!) and add 3x yhetees, 3x IGs, a scrap launcher, or a gorger + Ogre + champ) . People hate on yhetees, but if you can regen bubble to include them and make sure they're not paired up against a flame banner unit, you'll be fine. Plus they'll be low priority, swiftstride, initiative 4 and M7, which will go great with your sabers. I love my yhetees and virtually no enemies prepare for them or feel too threatened until they're on their flanks. Happy hunting!
    Last edited by abbazabba1920; April 2nd, 2012 at 06:35.

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