my friends and i are starting a warbands campaign as described in (i think) WDs 296-298, and on the GW website (campaign rules are under warbands rules, volume 3). anyways the point is to make a 250 point warband and use it in many battles along ur own storyline (ours probably involving 1 of each of OK, LZ, VC, DE, SK, OG). Each time based on how u did you get to add models and give your general special abilities. to facilitate the ogres in this, maneaters are allowed to be used as characters. so far i have tired to squeeze out points but it is very hard to do in an ogres army.

maneater (as character)--90 points
cathayan longsword and heavy armour
archtype: barbarian (see WD 298 or GW site)

3 ogre bulls--105 points
"naked with club"

26 gnobler fighters--54 points
hand weapons and sharp stuff

total: 249 points

anyways i thought that it was probably best to have a character since it is sorta what most of the rules for this campaign are based on. i also have not playtested the army yet, so it is still kinda fresh. The only army i am kinda worried about in the campaign is the DE, because the player often fields a ton of repeater xbows, and with out enough points for a gorger or some trappers, im stuck with how to deal with them. I guess i can just shield my bulls and maneater with the gnoblers, and hope my number of attacks and wounds will do the trick.