I want to share the roster that won. It was too bad it wasnt mine that won the 12 person tourny, but it was still an ogre list. OK here it is.

Tyrant with heavy armor, brace, iron fist, 3 theif stones, and a fistful of laurens

Hunter with 2 kits and longstrider

Butcher with dispell scroll and bang stick

7 ogre bulls with light armor and iron fists plus standard- curiusly no musician. tyrant

3 iron guts standard musician look out noblar. buther

20 gnoblars

8 scouts

4 leadbelchers musician

1 scrap launcher

3 man eaters w/ braces

1 gorger

One quick note, the maneaters blew the crap out of two seperate armies, the guy played by me twice. So I have decided to use that set up to. He never woried about magic and the shooting never was a problem since he shot the archers as they shot his. It was hillarious. I just wanted to share because only a skilled player can win with ogres.