This strategy came up in the normal ogre forum, and people seemed interested in it, so i decided to post the 1000 point list i have been working on using a gnobler heavy strategy, where i just use the ogres for heavy hitters, and screen with the gnoblers, and use the scouting gnoblers as well. anyways ill write out the list im having the most success with first, and then ill write the things that ive been thinking of changing after a few more playtests.

Cathayan longsword
heavy armour
gut maw

Dispel Scroll
2 tooth-gnoblers

4 Bulls
naked with club

3 Bulls
naked with club
Bruiser joins

24 Gnoblers

24 Gnoblers

8 Trappers

3 Leadbelchers


total: 996 pnts

for those of you who havnt been following the other thread related to this topic, i will introduce you to the strategy. Pretty much the point is to not allow my ogres to flee before they can do damage in combat, which is the most common way that i have seen/heard about/experienced ogres losing. Anyways, the point is to use lots of gnobler units to engage their combat units, and then some smaller bull units to flank them and do some damage. I also play lizardmen, and this is sort of related to a common strategy used by lizardmen players, and so i just adapted that strategy to ogres, and i have found so far, that it has lessened many of my ogre winning woes.

anyways there are a few things that you might notice. First off, there isnt command on any of the units. This is so that i can get more models on the board. a standard bearer might be useful on the bulls, or a bellower on the leadbelchers, but thats about it for that. Also i really dont believe in ironfists, at least for this strategy.

I also dont have any ironguts, which im sure many of you will object to, but i dont really see the need, and they are very expensive. The normal bulls when armed with just a normal club have armour piercing attacks anyways, so i dont need them in that respect, and they also dont let me get more gnoblers, so that is a downside as well.

I also dont have a hunter, which greatly sadens me, because they work very well with this strategy, but i have found that magic defense is more important, and therefore i have gone with the butcher, and added a boomstick for some extra pop.

and now on to the things that i am thinking about changing (after more playtesting):
- taking out the boomstick for a dispel scroll
- taking out 8 gnoblers 3 leadbelchers the luck gnobler and a tooth gnobler for 3 yhetees
- maybe re-equiping the bruiser without the gutmaw, as im not sure i want to be challenging too much, that was a leftover from my last strategy

anyways, thanks for reading, and if you want to see how this discussion got started, go to the normal ogre section, and find the thread entitled "successful or not?"