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    2000 pts skraag list

    skraag the slaughterer

    -gnoblar theifstone
    -heavy armor

    -halfling cookbook
    -2 tooth gnoblars

    -add cc weap
    -full command
    -LO gnoblar

    -full command
    -LO gnoblar

    26xGnoblar fighters

    Gnoblar scraplauncher


    one rules question first, do the 2 gorgers that go with skraag deploy in a unit with him similar to a retinue in 40K?

    then advice questions, 6 gorgers, is this a good idea, because i like gorgers a lot and use as many as i can in every list. just want to know if its overkill or not.

    is my bruiser equipped well? i just started ogres recently, and im not sure whats good for combat characters.

    is the scraplauncher worth taking? so far it has served me well by killing thanquol, a necromancer on whatever huge mount they have, and probably 2 other characters. this is a lot because ive only played with it in like 4-5 games.

    thats pretty much all of my questions for now, thanks in advance for the answers and advice.

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    I haven't led Ogres yet, though I've been buying the models for an army for some time now. Mine will also be a Skragg army, so I'll share with you my thinking.

    First off, this is the first list that I've made just thinking I want it to be fun.

    So I'm using a scraplauncher because, dammit, that looks like fun. Plus, I can run it near Skragg so that it can benefit from his leadership in combat. And who's gonna want to charge into a battle line with Skragg and a scraplauncher either side by side or maybe just one unit apart.

    I'm using gnoblars because I think they're really, really good for their points.

    Then I have four bulls.

    Four more bulls.

    Four ironguts.

    Four gorgers. I like that you have six. They seem great.

    Because I already have maneaters, I'm using all three in a unit.

    I'm not sure what else. That might be about it.

    I'm not using any other characters because I really want it to be Skragg's army. Plus, although I think he's a great deal for his points, he still uses a lot in the character slot and I want to use those points for more models on the table.

    Anyhow, I can't comment much on tactics because I've only played against ogres, but there's the thinking behind my own skragg army.
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