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    1,750 point Ogres.

    This is my first go at a 1,750 point list, so be open with the criticism/comments.


    Bruiser, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Wyrdstone Necklace, Mawseeker. 172 Points

    Butcher, Bangstick, Dispell Scroll. 180 Points


    4 Bulls, Add Hand Weapon, Bellower and standard. 186 Points

    4 Bulls, Add Hand Weapon, Bellower and standard. 186 Points

    4 Bulls, Add Hand Weapon, Bellower and standard. 186 Points

    4 Ironguts, Full command. 242 Points

    4 Ironguts, Full command. 242 Points

    20 Gnoblars

    20 Gnoblars


    3 Leadbelchers

    2 Leadbelchers.

    1749 Points.

    I considered using the bull standad on the Ironguts and dopping the big unit of Belchers for a giant, are these good ideas or just rubbish?

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    Having standards on bull units is giving away 100 VPs to the enemy every time they die or run, which will be more often than you'd rather think about as ogres have mediocre leadership and have a hard time getting combat resolution, especially against ranked units.

    I'd drop all the standard bearers on the bull units, or at least two of them.

    Then I'd use the war banner instead of the bull standard. You want that unit to have guaranteed combat resolution.

    Mawseeker seems like too big a risk. My ld 8 wood elves have failed too many tests for me to risk going stupid just before a critical charge. I'd drop it and get some armor instead, or nothing else as I like running bruisers on the cheap.

    Two butchers are better than one. You will have a very strong magic phase.

    I would make this list:

    Brusier, wyrdstone, hvy armor, great weapon, gut maw (don't forget to challenge, especially if the only avaiable opponent is a unit champion)
    Butcher, bang stick
    Butcher, dispel scroll

    Bulls x 4, add hw, bellower
    Bulls x 4, add hw, bellower
    Bulls x 4, add hw, bellower

    Ironguts x 4, full comand, war banner
    Ironguts x 4, full command

    3 leadbelchers

    33 gnoblars

    59 models--only eight less than before--6 power dice, a tougher general, leaner units, plenty of gnoblars, a solid unit of leadbelchers, and according to ArmyBuilder, 1750 points on the button.
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