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    I'm curious about Ogre Kingdoms.

    Hey Ogre veterans.

    I've been playing 40K for a while (Tau and SM) and I've been thinking about starting FB.

    I have heard the game (F is much more strategic/tactical/challenging than 40K, and this appeals to me.

    So having established my like for the game, I moved on to which armies to choose from.

    I REALLY like ogre kingdoms. The image of these large behemoths running as fast as horses in giant numbers, etc. I think they have some of the coolest models in warhammer (40K and Fantasy).

    But recently I have seen a few beastmen models, and those are starting to niggle around in my mind.

    So it comes down to Beastmen or Ogres.

    I have a fairly good understanding of FB's fighting system (ranks and aligning for combat, etc.)
    So how do Ogres fight on the field?
    How do beastmen fight?
    Are they good starting armies?
    is it viable to field an ogre army of as many bulls as I can possibly cram into the army?
    Does anyone else find the Ninja Maneater absolutely awesome?

    Any other advice for a 40K player starting up fantasy?

    Thanks for any replies. They will be met with rep.

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    When I started warhammer I was also deciding between ogres and beastmen. What really entrigue me were the size and looks of the ogres compared to other armies and that they arent the most popular army in WHFB.

    Im not sure if the ogres are the best army to start with (since Ive only tried them) but from what people say on LO the OK army can be a difficult army to play with. Ive heard that the battle can be decided on the first turn of play.

    I wouldnt advise using as many bulls as possible. I think its good to have somewhat of a variety of units. Even the tiny gnoblars can really help you get that all important bull charge. Ogres also have some very good magic so its always important to field some butchers.

    I dont know anything about the beasts of chaos playing style.

    And I do really like the ninja maneaters but I think the pirate maneater is cooler.

    Hope this helped

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    Ogres, I think, are one of the hardest armies to play well consistently. They have poor armor, mediocre leadership, and no ranks outside of Gnoblars.

    Still, they're my third army and one I like a lot, mainly because the idea of an army composed entirely of monsters crashing across the board is just plain fun.

    That Ogre speed is necessary to pull of the charge and rack up impact hits and hopefully wounds to compensate for the lack of static combat resolution (of course, Beastmen suffer this, too, just not as much). But playing against an army with lots of knights--think Brets--will take away the Ogre's range.

    Ogre fear is important, too, but lots of armies can overcome that, and outnumbering is harder with small units of Ogres.

    Ogre magic is a lot of fun.
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    I started playing ogres and learnt the game with them, and i didnt find it like impossible I won a good few games with them and still use them as chaos ogres. So if you felt like it you could do both armys, all be it a complicated way to start you would learn to deal with it and you would get to play both armys.

    The beastmen play a skirmishing horde style thing, and they would be an easy transition because they dont play what I call "true warhammer" by that i mean they skirmish instead of fighting in big blocks of troops. They have alot of cool units to try but I honestly would sugest ogres.

    On the field ogres have to hit hard and fast of they loose. As much as they dont look it they are very delicate, they have no armor and VERY few models and they are almost as expensive as chaos warriors wound for wound. But they hit realy hard, cause fear and move extreamly fast.

    No you cant cram as maney bulls in as you possibly can, I tryed that and found it didnt win, however you can field a good number of them, and you can also throw alot of ironguts too.

    And yes the ninja man eater is awsome.

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