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    Thinking of starting Ogres...

    Dear reader, kindly oblige to lend me your ear for the period of a few minutes.

    As you may or may not be aware (I suspect the latter tbh), I am interested in starting an army that will prove to be a huge tactical challenge for me (well, more so than Empire and WEs, at least). As more of you will know, I am also in possession of the Beastmen Army Book. Howvever, a thought occured to me recently, that OKs would perhaps be a better army for my collection.

    Righty *stops being so formal*.

    So, the BoC book would be easy enough to sell(and I have no BoC figures- yet), so it's down to OKs or BoC. So, basically here is your chance to sell your army (as in convince me to collect OKs, not actually selling your army), why should I collect Ogres and not BoC?

    And anything I should know about starting/gaming with them etc? I should be able to pick up the tactics quite quickly (and I'd like to try and work them out for myself for the most part).

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    So the pluses and the minuses of OK.

    +Multiple wounds
    What other core troops can claim to have 3 wounds?
    +unit strength 3
    I've come across players who forget outnumber is determined by unit strength and will charge at you which leads to...
    +Cause fear
    Great way of getting rid of some large units, win combat and out number them and you'll have them running for the hills, but they shouldn't get far because....
    +Fast moving
    6" a turn, 12" on a march and to charge.
    +Bull charge
    A free attack when you charge 6 + inches, standard at S 4 but for every full rank you get +1.
    +Ogre magic
    3+ for all spell the first time you cast that spell(then 6, etc). And the spell are
    great supportive ones.
    And now the draw backs.
    -Expensive per model
    The standard bull is extremely expensive so it will be a rare day that you'll be out numbering them in models, though not in wounds.
    -Bad armour
    It's not the greatest, you'll hardly have a 3+ save...
    A smart opponent will constantly try to out flank you.
    -Shooting phase
    this phase can make you cry if your fighting someone who goes overboard with shooting...

    I'm sure the veterans can explain further(getting late for a class )
    Rule 37: There is no 'overkill'. There is only 'open fire' and 'I need to reload'.

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    Really you are asking alot that I think you could find out on your own with a few simple searches. Here is a link to a site that I think does a pretty good job dicussing OK. I agree with most of it my differences being a matter of taste rather than facts.

    Avian - Ogre Kingdoms Army Basics

    Only thing I would add is that OK is like NO other army out there. It's limited in troop type much more than any other army. Therfore it's tacitally challenging and if that's what your looking for your in the right place.

    BTW I am collecting BoC at the moment too. I don't know if you do online trading but less competition for models might be a good reason for you to go to OK. I have all the OK models I need with very few exceptions. I still need a ton of BoC stuff excpet Minotuars.

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    Thanks for the link, kbolster. I've added it to the OK index.
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