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Thread: New to Ogres

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    New to Ogres

    Hey, I just started collecting an ogre army, I recently got a ton of stuff for only
    200$(CAN) so I couldn't just pass it up.
    I started Warhammer with a 40k army Tyranids, and eventually jumped into Fantasy Battles with Vampire Counts, now I am looking to play a big Ogre smash army.

    My biggest question is about gut magic, I know it can be cast on a unit already engaged in melee, but can a Butcher (or Slaughtermaster) cast a spell while he is engaged in melee? For example, cast the level 1 spell and regain a wound while smashing puny empire heads?

    Also, based on the wording in the codex, can you only take a Slaughtermaster in an army that already has a Tyrant? Thus 2 lord choices, and therefore only able to take a Slaughtermaster in a 3000 point game?

    Are Slavegiants really as bad as everyone on here seems to think? I know they lost Stubburn, but at Leadership 10 they can't break that often.. And throttle with chain is a poor substitute I know, but it isn't that bad...

    Thank you

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    Yes about the first one, mages can cast when engaged in melee (there are exceptions to this of course) - so butchers eat and smash simultaneously.
    Unfortunately, also yes on the second one. you get all the slaughtermastery joy you want, but only at 3000+ points.
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