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    Dogs of War allies

    Ok, new Ogre Kingdom player here. I've moved to the big guys from Dogs of War, and to make thing less expensive money wise will be fielding a few dogs of war.

    I have a Gorger, but the other slot will be used for random dogs until the next gorger, and the RoR pikemen are special choices.

    So, a few questions:

    1)Which Dogs of War, if any, are worth it in an Ogre Kingdom army?

    2)I'm planning on using Mengil Manhide's Manflayers and Ricco's Republican Guard. Are these a decent choice, and what are the pros and cons? Do think about this, I don't want to get the straight and simple 'It sux, use another gorger instead', I want reasons and various ideas.

    3)Does Largely Insignificant mean Gnoblars don't case panic tests in the Dogs too?

    That's all Folks! Help appreciated, have been rummaging through these threads for a little while now.

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    Probably a rule against it somewhere, but I used a Paymaster one time, as he was a cheap BSB. And until I find that specific reference saying I can't, I'm sticking with it ^_^.

    I've also used their Knights, the Bearmen, and I'm pretty sure I've used another unit at some point as well.

    From what I hear, the Manflayers are excellent choices to use, but their high points cost has always deterred me from using them in the past, especially as I like my Scouts to be cheap. The Republican Guard are the Pikemen with the special character, aren't they? I haven't read the DoW PDF for some time now.

    And no, Gnoblars don't cause Panic from fleeing, since there is no specific reference saying that DoW units make an exception, and the rules just say that "they don't cause Panic if they are fleeing, if they break from combat, or if they are destroyed, even among other Gnoblars", page 42.

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