So im competing in a local tourney starting memorial day.
here is a list of the armies that will be there also.
not sure who ill be fighting yet, but what i was hoping for was just a little bit of tactics for them.
nothing major, just some key things to watch out for. and or things that could really help me out.
nothing to detailed, unless you want to of course.
you guys are always on point.

Bourque = Empire
Andrew = Greenskins
Cunningham = Bretonnia
Warboss Doodad=Orcs
Shawn aka Valmishar= Warriors of Chaos
Paul = Dwarfs
Murph = High Elves
Alex = Dark Elves
Matthew = Skaven
jim- Beasts of Chaos
Larry - Dwarves/ Daemons ? don't now gone for the weekend
Shawn Brewer= Tomb Kigs