First time a play fantasy since the 7th edition came out. I played a 2250pts against Chaos, it was a great game. I won with a massacre. I tryed a list i want a use in a tornamant, it worked pretty good.

I only had 2 characters, rest was lots of troops, 12 ironguts, 9 bulls, 8 belcher, 2 gorger and 20 gnoblars.
I only lost 3 bulls, 5 guts and like 4-5 gnoblars.

He had one lvl 2 sorcerer, a big lord on a jugernaut, a hero, a uber unit of 10 of chaos knight, 2 chariot, a special spawn, 2 unit of 20 marauder (one that poped behind my line) 10 marauder cavalry and a hell canon ( the only thing he had left that was not dead or fleeing at the end of thurn 6).

Well i was glad to see i am still able to win against chaos even with their new book out.

Cant wait to play another game, GO OGRE.