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    Help with Vampire Counts !!

    Good day Ogre friends, I need your help, we are playing a campaign and my next battle is against a Vampire Count, I have no idea what to use , I played a lot and win few times even a Dark Elf armies, but never played against Vampires.

    The thing is that we accept for this campaing an army of 1750 with 1 Lord Choise and 1 hero choise, 1 rare and 1 special choise. So my base idea is the following:
    1 Tyrant (GW, HA, Greedyfist, ???)
    1 Butcher (2 dispell scrolls)
    12 Iron guts (probably 3x4 units)
    3 bulls
    4 yethees => maybe for a fast attack to his Lord)
    1 Gorger
    20 (+) Gnoblars

    Some friends told me that I have to point to destroy as fast as I can his Lord, no matter the rest. It is that recomendation correct? What else I could do?

    Thanks a lot for your comments

    best regards

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    Killing his lord will be good but chances are that you might not get the oppertunity to do so. If you want to go that way I would suggest taking the tenderizer on your tyrant. That way you have someone that can actually take him out but at the same time take care of other models.

    Greedyfist will only help you if you get your tyrant in combat with the vampire in which case you are better off with the tenderizer and just kill him. Also the vampire is at least STR5 so you only get a 6+ as at best to take magic weapons away.

    Also you don't really need the ironguts. I would personally take bulls with ironfists and light armor. The reason for this is that you need to cause a lot of casualties and STR6 is not going to be that great. So I would take one unit of iron guts and the rest bulls. You will want the extra attacks from ironfist or from an extra handweapon as you need to be able to shred through skellies and zombies. Also it also pays to invest in sword gnoblars against VC. If your tyrant gets stuck in zombies you have 2 extra attacks that hit on 3's and wound on 4's to shred more zombies and free him up quicker.

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