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    Leadbelchers: Tips on using effectivly

    I'm JUST starting my ogre army and WFB in general (Played Orks in 40K for awhile and a bit of necrons), and I'm reading about Leadbelchers being slightly less effective than I hoped. They are one of the main things that drew me to the Ogres, I love the idea of them carring around the guns that take 3 men to wheel in and operate as simply as a rifle. Plus, the only thing that appealed to me when I read about normal man cannons was the grapeshot, and thats pretty much what they use all the time so: Awesome.

    Anyway, I've heard a few people suggesting running them in the minimum troop size of 2, but I am a little lost on how I would use them tabletop. Should I hang them behind my bulls and etc, and have them run out from behind them or defend against flanker and release their payload? Send them out front and be my shocktroopers/infantry thinners and expect them to die after their (hopefully) one shot? Treat them like empire detachments and assign a team to each bull squad?

    Anyway, any help with using leadbelchers would be appreciated. Please, no "THEY SUCK DONT USE THEM EVER" comments because I am going to get at LEAST 4 in the battalion soon, and I may have another set coming my way, depending on what my gaming buddy got me for my birthday. Besides, I love the flavor of them too much to abandon.

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    From experience, I've found that Scraplaunchers are more effective. Against large hordes of infantry, the Scraplauncher shots are more effective, and against elite units like heavy cavalry, using the Scraplauncher as a chariot works better.

    That said, adding more than one Scraplauncher to a list is tricky. Since a unit of bulls is required for each unit of gnoblars, and a unit of gnoblars is required for each Scraplauncher, you're looking at a minimum of 580 points spent in the army before anything else. In smaller lists, one Scraplauncher and one unit of leadbelchers is probably a better idea.

    Anyway, Leadbelchers are by no means bad, and I find that they work best as guards and distractions. Use them in small groups of 2-3, and either run them in front of the rest of your army, or have them guard your flanks. Use them as guards, looking for any threat that may appear, and then try to blow them away.

    In any case, definitely run them in small units, and don't spend any extra points on upgrades for them, or attach any characters. This minimizes the damage if you roll a misfire when firing their guns.
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    I'm with you Vazzaroth, I love me some leadbelchers. And despite them being not the absolute best in our army they have their uses. To field them effectively you ought to field them in groups of 2-3 at most. I like fielding 2 squads of 2 or 3. I then like to use them to screen for my horde at 110 points you aren't looking at losing a lot if you lose them but even that number of them is intimidating enough to an opponent who knows what they are to make them back off, thus allowing you to get your horde/ironguts/whatever into position easier. Or they won't realize that they are super dangerous and charge them, absorbing the stand and shoot (which I have personally used to destroy an entire unit of DE cold one cavalry). And then fighting those ogres for a turn before eating the charge from the horde.

    Conversely keeping a squad on the flank of a horde offers some interesting advantages. Like if a single knight catches the corner of their base you can use the stand and shoot. Or you can flank charge with them (after all, they are still ogres). Or you can keep your flanks clean if you are becoming surrounded.

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