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    Can't seem to win

    I can't seem to win ever.
    I just had a 2500 battle with orks, not only did I lose, I lost bad. Both his and my army were geared for cc. We both had one wizard, his a lvl 2 goblin, mine a desided to try my slaughtermaster. Hoping to get some spells off which I rarely do. All but two of his spells but two of his spells want off none of mine did.

    Charges, with the random bit, are the worst thing to happen to the game. I tried to charge his HQ, I needed to roll a 4 to get into combat, I came up short with a 3. the one charge that didn't fail because of poor rolling. Got 4 gut hits 7 attacks from tyrant, 22 attacks from bulls 4 stomp attacks, on his black orks. I killed 11 of them but with more ranks lder 10 and reroll he wasn't going anywhere.
    I can't tell you the number of times I killed more in combat, lost combat and run away, or won and my enemy still had more ranks and was steadfast and stayed. Even poring points into units to try and get ranks only leave to over priced unit that still can't hold in cc.

    7 bulls with say a tyrant and BSB costs 600 points, that gives you lder 9, a reroll and 2 ranks. That's without any upgrades, with gear, standard bearer, bellower, ete. It can easily rise to 900 or more. I have tried running both upgraded units and bare bones. The out come is the same, I lose in cc. The few times I won combat, then get flanked attack because they have more units. Breaking my units up leaves them way under power the wiped out before they do anything.

    Unless I'm fully off my rocker we're a cc army right? Then why can't I win in cc?

    I pick ogres because I wanted to try fantasy and I liked the look and fluff of ogres. Yet losing every battle by a mile, I'm about ready to hang up my ogre club. Losing because the other guy is more skilled is one thing. Losing when went you can't even kill more then a some number, cos you can't get near their front lines, and when you do, you lack the strength to do more then bloody their nose.

    Is there any hope for hanging in there? GW doesn't seem to care about us ogre players.

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    dont despair, ogres may be at the negitave end of games workshops attention but they still are worth hanging in for. just try making two big units of bulls and ironguts or even go for an ogre horde. 18 bulls, it will take even an ork a long time to shift that.
    my own win/loss record with ogres is poor but i dont care, ogres are there for fun, try out the gonblar scraplauncher or even add a few rhinox riders, heck run a large blob of leadbelchers.

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    Ogres have a tough time with it right now, but I find they still usually do well if you stick with their strengths and run an army along the lines of this:

    Tyrant (many great builds)

    2 Butchers (with siegebreaker or other good magic weapon)

    Bruiser w/BSB

    1 unit of 8-14 Bulls

    0-1 optional unit of 3 bulls (for standing in front and allowing a second scraplauncher, if you like)

    1-2 units of 20-30 gnoblars

    1 unit of 5-6 ironguts w/banner of eternal flame

    1 unit of 10-13 gnoblar trappers

    1-2 Scraplaunchers

    That's usually what I run. I don't bother with Rare choices, as they all cost a bit too much for what they do, and the only special choice I really like are the scraplaunchers.
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    try using a couple Gorgers, they are unbreakable and can tie up huge hordes that don't hit that hard(gobbos) and hit decently otherwise.

    Your gonna want at least 2 "butchers" at that points level, maybe turning one into a SM but skip on heavy Magic Items if you do. Buffing your Units is how Ogre's Stand a chance at the moment, although barely. Without Magical Support We just fall apart sadly.

    Keep your BSB nearly naked, a GW or EHW and HA is fine, if you put him in a unit 3 wide with FC he gets displaced into the second row and can't be directly attacked, it'll save you 30-45 points on giving him a ward save or whatever you'd want on him, and he can still put forth 3 attacks. he's only in the army for the Reroll anyway.

    The Tyrant is still a Dueling King, and he can take many different weapons giving him a variety of Roles, if your having trouble with Horde armies bring a Thundermace, hes a good dueler already.

    Bulls bulls bulls, i play 27 of them at 2500, only 8 Ironguts. Ever since we can put multiple buffs on a single unit i find Bulls with EHW to be more than enough. I don't really Use Ironfist anymore since the new Parry save is a Ward, it doesn't stack with Regen(trollguts), and are 8 or 9 points cheaper than a Irongut(no magic banner however)

    gnoblars can still be pretty useful. I use them as throw away distractions or too flee a charge and bring something closer to my fat boys(my friend rarely falls for that anymore though) I haven't had much luck on flanking with them though, anything stronger than a basic trooper tends too just make the combat res the lose back by killing some of them.

    Scraplaucher is random but FUUUN, very cheap for what you get too, if you bring a group of gnoblar fighters take advantage and bring one.

    Hmmm i didn't expect too type this much, hope something in here helped
    Last edited by coldblooded3k; February 27th, 2011 at 04:33.

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