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    I won the first round of Ard Boyz with my Ogres

    The title pretty much says it all. ^_^

    After a terrible showing last year (I got Purple Sunned right off the board), I decided to run something slightly different.

    I'll post a link to my list in a moment, but the main feature was a unit of 39 bulls with full command, and 3 attached characters. Yeah, that's right. 39 bulls. It was a 6x7 Ogre horde.

    All 3 rounds were relatively close, with the battle scores being a little misleadingly in my favor, compared to how close the battle was really going.

    The first game was against the player who would ultimately take 2nd with chaos daemons. He played PAINFULLY slowly, taking forever to make any decision, but overall he played well. He did everything he could to slow down my Ogres, and hose them with flamers of tzeentch. My feint to the side worked though, and half of his army was busy killing my expendable units, and I didn't care if they lived or died.

    Unfortunately (and predictably) he kept hitting my main unit with Purple Sun, cast by Kairos (the Fateweaver). The first time he cast it, it was with IF, but I rolled lucky and it only killed 8 Ogres out of 14 rolls. The second time he cast it, it was without IF, and I scrolled it. In a poor move, he kept using his re-roll to try and get a double 6 to cast, and the third time he cast it, again with IF, he finally rolled a misfire on the artillery die and it centered on Kairos. He failed his initiative roll, and didn't have the re-roll to save him. The Ogres pushed forward against the side of his army, and won a minor victory.

    The second game was against Lizardmen (who went on to take 3rd) with a Lore of Life cheesed out Slaan. The Axes that gave +1 S and A to a core unit made my giant unit of bulls even more impressive, and also helped protect them from dwellers below. Regardless, he used poison, stegadons, and temple guard to whittle my unit down, just not far enough. With about 9 bulls left out of 39, I finished off the temple guard, and killed the Slaan, giving me a major victory (not a massacre, because the rest of my army was dead).

    The third game was the closest, and luck played a large part. The random magical weather effects were very random, and result #2 (which came up twice) wiped out every small unit in the game! It was against Chaos Warriors, and he exploited the main weakness of my army: if you kill the characters in the giant unit of bulls, the rest of the unit has a good chance of panicking and running. With all the characters and challenges, my guys kept whittling down to nothing, first losing the champion, then the BSB (the loss of the reroll to break tests could have easily cost me the game), and then the slaughtermaster. The Tyrant held on, however, and I just managed to eek out a win by killing the last of his guys, and since all his units were gone, it was automatically a massacre.

    So there you go! Who says the Ogres can't compete any more? ^_^

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    Great job man! I'll bet you're happy with that result (can't do much better eh?). Hopefully it will have also made you more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of absolutely hording/death-staring OK.

    Glad to hear that the big boys aren't dead just yet...
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