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    aggressive ogres?

    I'm considering going for a aggressive ogre army. Pretty much fast, flanking force.

    I plan to get...

    a butcher to cast Bullgorger or Trollguts, to increase my strength or survivability, are there any magic items that can increase the number of spells?

    Two small units of ogres, (aiming for 4 ogres) with additional hand weapons, probably only looking at a musician.

    A possible small unit of ironguts (again aiming for 4 ogres) to add damage and lol's

    2 or 3 mournfang's, these guys will hopefully be armed with additional hand weapons to maximize damage, if not i'll kit them out ironfists to add durability.

    A stonehorn, a kickass center piece model, and a good charging unit

    Thoughts? I'm aiming for 1-1.25K army, any problems that i would occur?

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    1. Neither the armybook or the WRB, has such and item. However, I would suggest making your butcher a level 2, so you'll have a better chance of getting your favored spells.
    Its worth to note, there are those items which come with a bound spell. Such as the Ruby Ring of Ruin.

    2. The ogres (bulls) dropped in price, and the command are cheap enough to make a full command worth while.
    That being said, the battalion box plus the SH/TT box, gives you most of the 1k you're looking for (dropping the LB's).
    I'd take your units 6 models strong, with both a musician and a SB. When you push to 1.5k and higher, units of 8 models plus a full command.
    Ironfists are far more worth it than additional weapons. They count as shields, you'll have a higher save in CC plus a parry, and a 5+ armor save helps you against those annoying bastards with poisoned blowpipes ...

    3. For you're mournfangs, try a unit of 3. Take heavy armor, ironfists, and a SB ( musician is optional ). I'm finding some good info, in these forums, so I'm trying out different ideas for the MRC ...

    4. For the same amount of points, in your 1k list, a thundertusk will bring more to the table.

    I'd also like to make a suggestion, in including sabretusks. These are the Ogre Kingdoms cheap war machine killers. In units of 1, they're small enough to hide in cover, and are unimportant enough for your opponent until its too late. While he/she is worrying about how to take down your TT/SH, your sabretusks are taking down their war machines, then moving on to cause mayhem in their lines.

    Hopefully, I produced enough of a guideline in guidance of your chosen idea
    Last edited by SheBeast76; September 12th, 2011 at 14:24. Reason: Deleted some suggestions.

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