Oops I forgot to mention that this is a 1,250 pt list.

Hagrod Kineater (Bruiser)-214 pts.
Cathayan Longsword
Heavy Armor
Brace of Handguns
Kineater Bigname
Gnoblar Thiefstone

Thundergut (Hunter)-235 pts
Mastadon Armor


4x Bulls-140 pts
Ogre Clubs

4x Bulls-172 pts
Light Armor
Hand Weapon
Iron Fist

4x Ironguts- 192 pts
Heavy armor
Great weapon

24x Gnoblar Fighters-48 pts
hand weapon
Sharp Stuff

8x Gnoblar Trappers-48 pts
hand weapon
Sharp Stuff


3x Yhetees-195 pts

Total- 1,244 pts

As you all can see, I have made this list with the units that the Army deal got me. Pretty soon I will get a box of bulls and convert 2 of them into butchers. Then I will have more to work with.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I am keeping the Gnoblars though because I have found that when fighting Dwarves and Empire and such they make good screens. Also I just think they are funny and add a certain something to the army.

I am thinking about taking one Bull out of one squad and putting it in another so that i can add the bruiser and have it ranked. This would mean str 5 impact hits from the bulls and str 6 impact hits from the bruiser.

I am also thinking about taking a slave giant and changing my bruiser to Hagrod Giantbreaker.