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Thread: Siegebreaker

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    The siegebreaker magical weapon is a very powerful one, but is it worth it if it gives you too much of what you need?

    The siegebreaker is a suped up GW, but uses I to hit with.

    Don't post rules please. KU

    The tenderizer on the other hand, is an ordinary great weapon but d3 wounds for everyone caused after saves. What I want to know is if the siegebreaker is too much strength, why not just take a normal great weapon instead, it'll save you tons of points also.

    Please give lots of input...

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    I usually use either a plain great weapon or the tenderiser too, the siege breaker is inly useful IMO against low initiative enemies. Also, combine the first two with the Giantbreaker big name and you've got the same effect anyway!
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    The only race a siegebreaker would be decent against are dwarves, but my friend usually pumps his characters up with his +1 or +2 (or +3) initiative for 5 10 or 15 points ( wow... ) so it's just as hard to hit, and I just wasted 30 points...

    Tenderizer im starting to think is the best magic weapon for ogre characters. Although the thundermace is strength 8 or template with no armour saves and d6 wounds... you get one hit! That means in a challenge when killing the enemy as fast as possible is necessary, hitting one out of every two times isn't very good... plus what happens if you roll a 1 on the d6 wounds. With a tenderizer you will probably hit 2.0 out of 4.0 times, then wound like 1.7 or something like that, and depending if you took the giant breaker name or a butcher casting spells on him, the enemy character won't get much of an armour save, but they might have a ward save, so for all purposes we'll guess low and say on average one will follow through and do d3 wounds (2 on average), so the tenderizer is overall the best way to go.

    But the best of generals will know not to try and win with an uber character, so unless it's a really high point battle, I would give your bruiser just a great weapon and minimal gear, and give your army the extra points.
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