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    After playing some battle with ogre kingdoms I came up with the following army list:


    Tyrant - Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Greatskull, Wyrdstone Necklace, Luck-Gnoblar 280

    Butcher - Dispel Scroll, SkullMantle 175

    Butcher - Dispel Scroll, Bangstick 180


    3 Ogre Bulls - Ogre Clubs, Musician 115

    3 Ogre Bulls - Ogre Clubs, Musician 115

    5 Ogre Bulls - Ogre Clubs, Musician, Standard with Lookout-Gnoblar 210

    5 Ogre Bulls - Ogre Clubs, Musician, Standard with Lookout-Gnoblar 210

    5 Ironguts - Great Weapons, Heavy Armour, Musician, Standard with Lookout-Gnoblar, Warbanner 300

    21 Gnoblar Fighters 42

    21 Gnoblar Fighters 42


    3 Leadbelchers 165

    1 Gnoblar Scraplauncher 165


    No rare choice 0

    Power Dice: 6
    Dispel Dice: 4
    Dispel Scrolls: 2
    Ogre Models: 27
    Gnoblar Models: 43
    Total Models: 70
    Total Points: 1999
    Unit Count: 10


    1) The Tyrand joins the ironguts and the butchers each a ogre bulls unit of 5.

    2) The Ogre bull units of 5 each will deploy on the left and right side of the ironguts so they benefit from the LD 9 and the butchers can enhance each other.

    3) The two units of 3 ogre bulls with musician will be just for protection of other units, expandable and flee reactions.

    4) The gnoblar fighters will be used in conjunction with the bulls to add rank bonuses and/or just for meat shield.

    5) The Leadbelcher unit of 3 will be deployed on the flank to attack fast cavalry, flyers and small units.

    6) The Scraplauncher will be used to provide long range shooting and support for the ogre bulls and irongut units with characters. I will deploy the scraplauncher within 12" of the tyrand so they can use his LD 9.

    What do you think of this army list and my tactics?

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    First question I have is, is this army going to be used in tournaments or against friends? Basically I'm asking if you know who you're opponent is going to be.

    The reason I ask this is that some of the units you have taken, such as the scraplauncher, are innefective against certain armies and good against others.

    Something that you may want to take for your butchers is the hafling cook book, it's a pretty useful item, but the ones you got there are good as well.

    Your tactic, using the ironguts in the middle and the butchers on each side in an ogres unit is good (Y) I actually use the same tactic a lot with success.

    Depends on your playtesting, but you could also use a unit of Yhetees to replace the unit of leadbelchers. A gorger will also be a good unit to possibly add to this army. Once again, it really depends on who you play. Against Khorne, a gorger might not be the best of use, but against an army of nuln, it will work very well.

    Overall, this list looks very competent as well as your tactics.
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