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    2250 Tourny involving sieging a fort

    So I'm looking to solicite some advice because I am not real sure how to tackle this.

    Next week, I have an all comer tournement using and attacking and defending siege scenario in a fort with T7 walls.

    Originally I was going to take a skragg list like this

    3 pairs of gorgers
    3 maneaters (ha and Handguns)
    3 maneaters (ha and handguns)
    6 bulls
    Butcher Bangstick
    Butcher skullmantle

    I small number of units but tough, lots of casting and dispel dice. scrappy for warmachines, infantry blocks, and archers; with the maneaters and butchers to handle flyers and things that come closer

    the 6 bulls were for distraction and holding as I would make them stubborn with troothcracker and such.

    Was still refinign the list but originally I thought this was going to be an open land attack/defend type scenario.

    Well now I hear it is assulting a fortand I am just not sure what skragg could possibly bring to this scenario nor the gorgers for that matter.

    I'd like to use skragg as I just got finished painting hima nd the gorgers but just not sure if it will be particularly helpful now.

    This is the list I am thinking about now

    3 pairs of gorgers
    3 maneaters (ha and Handguns)
    6 bulls
    Slaughtermaster (skullmantle, bangstick, Brahmir statue)
    Tyrant (HA, Siege Breaker, Wardstone Neckless, bullgut, Greedyfist, "wallcrusher")
    3 Ironguts

    I somehow have to shave 6 points off this as it is 2256 rigt now, but that is the least of my problems. Way I see it something like this would have the tyrant and the bulls smashing down the wall or protecting the courtyard, while the slaughtermaster and maneaters are forcing panic checks ( I could have two armies of chaos reason I am bringing the staute).

    But again skragg ahs to be in close combat with his enemies to really have any affect and that could be difficult if I am facing an enclosed fortress into which my gorger could not appear.

    Conversly if my gorgers can appear inside this brcomes an an extremely strong attacking list, but a week defending on.

    So should I scrap Skragg, scrappy the much maligned scrappy....Just not sure, any thoughts would be much welcomed.

    Sorry so long.

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    Skragg is great if you can get him into combat quickly. But because he's US 6, he can be picked out of a unit for targeting, which is a huge disadvantage to taking him. (Which I really, really hate since my 2000 pt list is built for him and nothing else :cry: ).

    So do you have different rules for how many lords you can take? Skragg, a Tyrant, and a Slaughtermaster at 2250 pts! Now that's something fierce!
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