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    how do you model // convert your ogres!

    Hi, i resently sold my Skaven army to pay rent lol... and now that i have a new good job, im looking to get into ogres, as i dont have the patients to paint another 150+ models ever again, i may never get back into skaven sadly, but anywho, i wasnt sure what board to put this in, but i figured this was the most suitable place....

    How do you model // convert your ogres!?

    do you keep them vanilla?
    do you try and base them around some common theme...

    like here are the APPROPRIATE themes i created:
    -All have cloaks and elf ears (make them ranger ogres!)
    -Even though they have no consept of music, give all the ironguts some kind of guitar // chellow or whatnot, and musicians base drums, or carrying pianos that they smash with and whatnot... make them the rocking out ogres
    -A priest, a nun, and a ravi (spelling?) walk into a bar... this is about on par in my head with the rocking out ogres... with this idea, i would convert them all to either be nuns, priests, or ravi's and the gnoblers would be alter boys.... its a fun idea..

    ways i have seen people convert their list:
    ive seen people convert them to look like dwarfs, like kislev, and a few others i forget.

    so how do you guys do yours? or what would be a cool way of doing ogres?

    i think this belongs in this forum so that it can get the most responses from all the ogre players. if you believe it should be in the converting // modelling forum, please move it for me.

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    Have you had a look in the ogre gallery? There'll be several ideas there.

    Because of their size ogres are easy to convert but the best option is to choose a theme that you can carry across all the units with a minimum of conversion and tricky paint schemes.
    No more NG spearmen, thanks! Now I need some pump-wagons!

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