Black Orc Warboss
Warboss Umm's Best Boss 'At
Ulag's Akrit Axe
Enchanted Shield
Heavy Armour

Black Orc Big Boss
Mork's Spirit Totem
Heavy Armour, Shield

Savage Orc Big Boss
Porko's Pigstikka
Light Armour, Shield
Boar Chariot, extra crew

Orc Shaman
Dispel Scroll x 2

Orc Boyz
24 Boyz
Additional Choppas
Full Command

Orc Boyz
24 Boyz
Full Command

Goblin Wolf Riders
5 Riders

Savage boar boyz
5 boar boyz
Musician, Standard
Nogg's Banner
Big uns

Black Orcs
25 Black Orcs
Full Command

Rock Lobber



Total: 2248

This is just something I've been cooking up while considering future purchases for my O&G army, (I love you, Canadian Dollar...). It's a pretty simple army list, mostly composed of blunt instruments that work best when pointed at the opponent's lines and given a kick. Almost anything here should tear the opponent to ribbons if it gets to them, (I'm especially interested in seeing what the savage chariot will do: 7 s6, 4 s5, 4 s4, d6+1 s5 impact hits, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it) and what can't hit hard, (stupid wolf riders...) just needed to be put in to provide some hope of victory with a touch of strategy. So what do you guy's think? Is there something that you is a glaringly obvious choice for a heavy hitter list that I've neglected? (I mean other than Grimgore) Do you think I stand a chance at beating an opponent, or am I just guzzling too much of da battle brew?