Any comments? ok, the total is 2001 pts. but it's just to play with (against;Y) some friends.

I saw in this forum many of you use Ulag's Axe and Kicking Boots together ... what do you think about the killing blow ability?

I think Best Basha is the best for a black orc Boss; for the moment I prefered Iron Back but probably in future I will use Best Bashas and Gnashas togeter on B.O. Boss and Kicking and Ulag on Warboss... I have to try

Heroes have no preferential position, even I prefer a general on foot to stay with the most of the army.

My doubts are still if using 1 n. goblin unit with fanatic or 5 hoppers: never used them.

Unfortunately i don't have free points enough to have a boss on spiders ... doesn't matter I don't think 1 A will be so important at the end.

I liked the idea to use the item -1 to be hit on BSB but I prefer War banner on and boar. In this way you can move it where you need to win or at least to resist a combat (M7 Black orc and +2 to Combat Result)

Let me know


Black Orc Warboss Heavy Armour [251]
Warboss Um's Best Big Boss At 5+ ward save
Warboss Imbad's Iron Gnashas Killing Blow
Enchanted Shield 5+ Sv; May be taken with other magic armor
Ulag's Akk'rit Axe +1S in 1st round of combat & reroll misses

Black Orc Big Boss Heavy Armour Boar [141]
Ironback Boar Boar inflicts D3 impact hits on charge
Martog's Best Basha +1 WS, S, I

Black Orc Big Boss Heavy Armour Boar, Battle Standard [155]
War Banner +1 to Combat Resolution

Orc Shaman 2 spells [150]
Dispel Scroll Dispels one spell. One use only.
Dispel Scroll Dispels one spell. One use only.


10 Goblin Spider Riders [148]
Shield; Standard; Musician

20 Night Goblins + 1 Fanatic [85]

20 Night Goblins + 1 Fanatic [85]

20 Orc Boyz
2ndWeapon; Light Armour; Standard; Musician; Boss [160]


20 Black Orcs [318]
Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

11 Orc Boar Big 'Uns [368]
Spear; Light Armour; Stendard; Shield; Musician;

2 + 2 Spear Chukkas [140]