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Thread: 1000 NG List

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    1000 NG List

    Alright, well I decided to try something new, and started a NG force. Now I have tons of NG, from my O&G army, as well as from BFSP and ebay, so no prob when it comes to troops. I will fight dwarfs a lot, but will probably use against just about everyone. I'm starting out at 1k, and here it goes.

    Night Goblin Big Boss - Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Shield, Martog’s Best Basha, Bigged’s Iron Gnashas.

    Night Goblin Big Boss - Hand Weapon, Battle Standard, Bad Moon on a Stick, Light Armor.

    Night Goblin Shaman - Hand Weapon, Level 2, Mad Cap Mushrooms, 2 Magic Mushrooms.

    29 NG’s - Hand Weapon, Shield, Full Command.
    29 NG’s - Hand Weapon, Shield, Full Command.
    20 NG’s - Hand Weapon, Short Bows.
    20 NG’s - Hand Weapon, Short Bows, 3 Fanatics.
    5 Spider Riders - Hand Weapon, Spear, Shield.

    2 NG Squig Herds - 4 Herders, 6 Squigs.
    2 Spear Chukkas -

    2 Trolls

    Total - 999pts
    Models: ~120 models 4 PD, 3 DD

    I don't want to include too many fanatics, I might add a few more, but I might spread these that I have out a bit. They are currently in a short bows unit that will suicide itself. It will include the shaman with the mad cap, and run straight at the enemy, shooting as they go. Fanatics will pop, destroy enemy (hopefully) and sham can then jump out of the unit in the following turn.
    I will hopefully be able to get my hands on some more herds soon, and I'll sack the 2nd unit of bows for 2 more herds.

    Any comments will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    "Fiat justitia et pereat mundus"
    -Let justice be done, though the world perish.

    NG Army (The Very Little WAAAGH) 6-1-0

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    i would lose the lv2 off your shaman, lose the mushrooms, replace them with the itty ring, and get another spear chukka
    also i find squig hoppers work better than herds
    other than that its looking pretty good

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    For your night goblins I'd swap the hand weapons for spears(just try to make room point wise for speas) trust me they're much better than hand weapons.
    I thought I was smart, but apparently people don't like to take advice from beggars.

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