Orc Warboss, lt armor, boar, ench. shield, Akrit Axe, Best Boss 'At, Kickin' Boots

Orc Big Boss, BSB, lt armor, Ironback Boar, Best Basha

Orc Shaman, lvl2, 2 dispel

Savage Orc Shaman, lvl 2, dispel scroll, Itty's Ring.

23 Orcs, w/ shields, full command
23 Orcs, w/shields, full command
24 Orc Big 'Uns, AHW, full command, Spirit Totem
12 Savage Orc Big 'Uns w/spears, std, mus
15 Arrer Boyz, full command
5 Spider Riders, mus
5 Spider Riders, mus
5 Wolf Riders, mus

2 Boar Chariots, w/ex crew
2 Spear Chukkas, w/Bullies

1 Troll
2 Pump Wagons

The list is themed to an active Roman legion. The three big Orc units are the infantry legions, with the Big 'Uns being the veterans and most skilled fighters. The Savage Orcs are a barbarian auxilliary, contributing their best and strongest to the army. The Spider Riders are the Numidian cavalry known for their skill on rough terrain, while the Wolf Riders represent the Mongolian cavalry feared for their speed.
The Spear Chukkas are ballistas, a favorite of the romans. The Pump Wagons represent the baggage train of an army converted into flaming death traps for the enemy. The Troll is an arena beast that the general has tamed and uses to draw fire away from his unit.

Any comments, questions, and criticisms are greatly appreciated.