Hey this is my 2000 point list, it's alright on magic defense, very fighty, with minimal cavalry (I have a seperate 1000 point note I use when I go up to 3000, it's only cavalry).

Grimgor Ironhide

He fights, and wins, I figure since he's on foot the enemy will try to avoid him, but when they get bogged down by other infantry he can always make himself known.

Black Orc Big Boss - 180
-heavy armor
-talisman of protection
-Mortag's best basha
-collar of Zorga
-enchanted shield

He'll sit in an infantry unit (the night goblins with spears) and either charge in with them, or charge out of them to attack weak targets, he has 1+ armor save 6+ ward, good weapon, the usual. He is also used to quell animosity (I have very little animosy in my force).

Goblin Big Boss - 119
-Gigantic spider
-Wallopa's one hit wunda
-tricksy trinket
-light armor

This guy has str 10 attacks for one round, enemy doesn't get ward saves either, he's basicly one of those "I'm feeling lucky" for taking out bigger characters or monsters. He's also sitting on a lovely monstrous mount, so hes actually still useful once he reverts back to low strength attacks (unlike the usualy wolf mounted goblin bombs).

Night Goblin shaman - 100
-staff of sneaky stealin'

Magic defense... there isn't much else he does.

Da Immortulz x20 (grimgore's black orcs) - 318
-full command

This unit is pretty straight forward, 5x4 block, they accompany Grimgor Ironhide and look great.

Black Orcs x20 -368
-full command
-Mork's spirit totem

I love black orcs, and I love magic defense, I figure if I put my heroes elsewhere (which I do anyways) they look less scarey and therefore less likely to get shot up losing me dispel dice. Also having another unit the same size but with Grimgore they will be pretty much left alone in the shooting phase.

Spear Chukkas x2

They are so cheap and help to take down big nasties, or they can easily make their points back if I point them at ranked up elite infantry like: chaos warriors, sword masters or temple guard, and maybe some juicy knights that are trying to flank charge my infantry.

Night Goblins x26 -124
-full command

This is the unit that will have the battle standard bearer. Also I think enemies will approach with caution thinking there may be fanatics while there really aren't.

Night Goblins x26 -173
-full command
-fanatics x3

This unit will have the shaman in it, and I think the three fanatics should take good care of any lone/fast wizard snipers out there... or cause some good old fashioned havok in the enemy lines.

Forest Goblin Spider Riders -71

Flanking force or warmachine hunters that can walk through terrain like nothing... yes please.

Orc Boyz x12 -102
-full command

Just a filler unit that enemies might forget about, plus if I don't want to put the Goblin on gigantic spider alone or with spider riders, he can lead these boyz.

This force is all about smashing faces. I have a small amount of shooting and cavalry to make it a little more flexible, also note the cavalry mounted heroes leading infantry. Unless the enemy is extremely magic heavy I don't think they'll get much through, what with the 7 dispel dice to start, and the enemy having 1 less power dice due to the staff on my shaman.

Thats my force, it comes out to exactly 2000 points, I haven't lost any games with it at my gaming club (it's all pretty friendly) but I haven't fought new high elves or Vampire counts. Any tips or suggestions for those guys? Also do you think it could work at the tournament level?

Thanks in advance, I hope to get a lot of replies!