Keep in mind! I'm using the old army book. I play with my friends, so it's ok.
Point Limit: 3500

Grimgore Ironhide: 730

Black orc Big Boss: 133
- Choppa, additional hand weapon, heavy armour.
- Sword of battle, Sword of might.

Orc Big Boss: 116
- Choppa, Additional hand weapon, Light armour.
- Sword of battle, Sword of might.

Savage orc Big Boss: 137
- Choppa, additional hand weapon, warpaint
- Basha's Big Axe of Bashin

Orc Boyz: 1175
Units: 5 (30mdl/unit)
- Choppa, light armour, additional hand weapon

Goblin Wolf riders: 500
Units: 5 (10mdl/unit)

Goblin Spear Chukka: 140
Units: 4
Crew: 3

Orc Board Chariot: 146
Units: 2
Crew: 3
- Hand weapons, spears, scythes

Goblin Doom Diver Catapult: 160
Units: 2
Crew: 3

Snotling Pump Wagon: 40

Total Points: 3277

Opponents are: Khorne, Wood elves, Dogs of War, High elves, Ogre, Tomb kings (basicaly anykind of army)