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    1250 point friendly list

    This is my second attemps at a list, most likely still to be not as good as it could be, but oh well, that's what suggestions and comments are for!
    NOTE: I do play Herohammer to an extent. Usually 1/5 of my army is made up of hero/lord choices.

    Now for the list.

    104 - Gorgut 'Umiesnappa (orc big boss), ligh armor, shield, Martogs' best basha, Enchanted shield
    95 - Grimshank Ironfang (orc big boss), BSB, light armor
    85 - Nuzeg Gitbrain (N goblin shaman), Level 2

    180 - 15 orc Big 'uns, full command, Shields (BSB joins this unit)
    170 - 10 forest goblin spider riders, Full command, Shortbows
    160 - 40 Night goblins, Full command, Spears
    120 - 20 Night goblins, Musician, Champion, Shortbows, 2 fanatics

    298 - 20 Black orcs, Full command
    1 Goblin spear chukka

    My favorite part of this list is that my enemy has to choose between the big 'uns or the black orcs, While the one he chooses not to do anything about will be left to charge (Muahahaha!). Gorgut will most likely jump in with the Black orcs when CC nears. Night goblins will flank, along with spider riders. all the while, shortbow N goblins and spear chukka will be raining death (or wounds). spear chukka will focus on artillary (if any), characters, then units, in that order.

    Any suggestions to the list or tactics are welcome!

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    Leave the Shaman as Lv1 if hes just there for magic defence. Look at the Banner which adds Dispel Dice for Ranks for your BSB, that will be useful. Possibly a couple of Scrolls on the Shamen.

    Wouldnt bother with BigUns, have the BSBs unit 19 strong atleast, 24 if you can, and with extra HWs. The save you can gte is rather poor so dont worry about it too much.

    Split the spiders into 2 units of 5, no command in either. Possibly lose the shortbows too.

    Run the Night Gobbo units 30 strong with HW/S, nets and a fanatic in each.

    Wouldnt bother with BlOrcs to be honest. Dont actually have the book on me so i cant back myself up, but i do remember looking at it not long ago and realising why many people say they are poor. Better on paper then in game basically.

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