2000 point mixed O&G - new player, would this work at all? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 point mixed O&G - new player, would this work at all?

    Right, I'm aiming for a magic-heavy horde force, and thought that Orcs would be a good laugh to do it with (the other contenders are Beastmen and Skeven, both of whom need the books re-doing) - even if their heads may indeed 'go bang', the magic seems so totally bizarre and funny that I felt I had to give it a go.

    So, I thought up an army list and I'm wondering if you think this concept will work - I don't expect the list to be brilliant, as it's my first attempt at an O&G one, so and C&C would be really appreciated.

    Savage Orc Great Shaman: Level 4, Staff of Baduum, Dispel Scroll x2
    310 (General)
    Lost that Power Stone - you made a good point about "over-charging" the magic. Should I take that second scroll, or abandon it to free up points? Also, I went for Savage for the [cheap] Ward Save (as opposed to the expensive item version). Still goes in Trolls.


    Night Goblin Shaman: Level 2, The Pipes of Doom, Magic Mushroom.
    Not sure how brilliant the Pipes will be, thinking about it. But given they're (sort of) a bound spell, and can be devastating agaisnt the right opponents... wuold it be more effective to take, say, the Horn of Urgok? Also, I'm not sure how the Staff of Sorcery works - is it +1 for THAT MODEL to dispell - but I didn't think that each model used it's own dispels? If it's army wide, then I think I'll take that.

    Night Goblin Shaman: Level 2, Nibbla's 'Itty Ring & Magic Mushroom.
    I agree the Orc would be safer, but I really like Little Waagh, and having 4 attempts to get Foot of Gork, or Mork Wants Ya! is rather tempting

    Goblin Big Boss: Wallopa's One-Hit Wunda, Shield, Light Armour, Collar of Zorga, Tricksy Trinket & Wolf.
    Took the Collar, in addition to the other gear, in case I fail to kill a Chariot, or a Character's monster - means they'll be less likely to splat the Boss. Was this a good idea?


    23 Night Goblins: Short Bows. Boss, Musician & 2 Fanatics.
    Contains the Pipes Shaman. Odd number because more is better!

    23 Night Goblins: Hand Weapons, Shields & Nets. Boss & Musician.
    Contain Ring Shaman. These now should work OK in tandem with my new Special unit (see below). Lost the Spears for cheapness, as you suggested.

    20 Orc Boyz: Choppas & Shields. Musician & Standard Bearer.
    Lost the Bosses to free up points, as you suggested

    20 Orc Boyz: Choppas & Shields. Musician & Standard Bearer.
    see above

    5 Wolf Riders: Spears. Musician.
    Added the Musician for the bonus to Rally, as you suggested.


    4 Squig Herds.
    A marching bomb. And a *ahem* Gobbo unit that can actually hur things

    Savage Orc Boar Boyz (Big 'Uns): Spears.
    More hitty than regular Boar Boyz...more comments at end of list

    Boar Chariot.
    To work with the Savage Boar Boyz, to either screen, or to distract enemy shooting. And adds some nice impact hits to the army.

    10 Black Orcs: Shields. Black Orc Boss.
    These replace the Arrer Boyz in holding the flank should the Goblins run. An, combined with a Netted unit, should be deadly. And the models are nice. Were they a good addition?


    3 Trolls.
    Had to loose one due to points constraints. Should still pack a punch though.

    Goblin Doom Diver Catapult.
    To make up for the loss of the Bolt Throwers, I took the Doom Diver to try to take on Monsters and nasty units.

    1980 (20 to go still)

    134 models, plus 1 Chariot and 1 War-machine.

    The Master-Plan:

    Gobbos with Bows take an extreme flank. Next, and a little behind, are the Squigs, and then next to them (but on a level with the Gobbos) is the other Gobbo unit, the one with the nets. These Gobbo units have the NG Shamans in them (Pipes o' Doom one in with the Bows). Sitting pretty behind this goes the Doom Diver, hopefully on some sort of hill (I play in a GW store, so there's usually a hill in the DZ)

    The idea is that the Bows can all shoot at any flanking large-targets, and release the Fanatics. Pipes to prevent Fast Cav gatting round the line. I'm hoping the enemy will think "Oh, Gobbo flank, break easy" and then charging on in and getting the Squigs to go haywire (and a face full of Fanatic too).

    In the middle sits the Trolls, joined by the Great Shaman, who are flanked by each Boy unit. The Black Orcs go slightly back from the line, and off to the Gobbo-wards flank.

    The idea is that there's a hard centre - a block of Trolls flanked by boyz, and the Black Orcs are there just to be able to re-direct charges and tie-up things that I don't want to fight should the Gobbos actually die without damaging the flank (likely, they're Gobbos!) - also they'll be nasty against a 'Netted' unit. Shaman in the Trolls for protection, and so that he can still cast (He can still cast while the Trolls are stupid, right - just can't cast while under animosity? Hence thought Trolls better option).

    On the other side, to create a deceptive "strong flank" go the Savage Boar Boyz, Boar Chariot and the Wolf Riders (plus Big Boss).

    The Boar unit supports my Boyz line, and tries to out-flank enemy. Wolfies re-deploy to be able to take on War-machines, and the Boss re-deploys to be able to take on Chariots/characters with his One-Hit Wunda.

    And yes, I know no plan survives contact with the enemy - particularly when your own units have their own ideas

    Some musings:

    If I loose the Dispel Scroll, and 6 Gobbos, I would have 63 points to spend (or 45 by NOT loosing the Gobbos). What should I do with this? Would have even more points if I swap Pipes for Staff of Sorcery (68/50 respectively).

    Can't decide between more Gobbos, or another Troll, or more Savage Boar Boyz, or a Standard Bearer with Banner of Butchery in said Boar Boyz (a LOT of points in one unit, but it's 30 Str 5 attacks!) - certainly would be magic/war-machine bait, and costly to loose, but is it worth is just for the hitting potential?

    But does it have a hope of working, or am I barking up a totally bizarre tree?
    Thanks for any advice!

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