***Reposted because Title of other post said 200 instead of 2000***

So I am making this list that I think I could win 2/3 games at a tourney with.

Here it is...

NG Shaman Lvl2
Mad Cap Mushrooms
Magic Mushrooms x2
NG Shaman Lvl2
Magic Mushroom x2
Orc Shaman Lvl2
Itty Ring
Power Stone

20X NG Bowmen w/Mus
20x NG Bowmen w/Mus 2x Fanatics
2 x 25 NG HW Shield w/Mus 1x Fanatics each
2 x 30 NG HW Shield w/Mus, Banner, Nets 2x Fanatics here
2 x 2 Snotlings
5 x Spider Riders w/ mus bows
2 x 5 Wolf Riders w/ mus bows

2 x 7 Hoppers
2 x Chuckas
1 Hopper Team

@ 2250 Spots filled with Trolls or Pump Wagons

My plan is odviously to force the enemy to me with Magic and what ever shooting phase I can muster. Then hit him with fanatics.

2x Fanatics in 1 unit of bowmen for deception.
1x Fan in each unit of 25 as support for the bowmen or big units.
2x Fans in big units to shoot through the Bowmen at any chargin units.

Snotlings are included for deployment reasons. So cheap and a small frontage hopefully they will force my opponet to reveal his deployment plan. They can also hold up soft flanking units like warhounds, direwolves, and the such. with a little luck they will hold them up a turn or two.

Fast Cav is there to take out fanatic popper units, march block, and/or redirect units.

Hoppers add some punch, maybe even get a hit in the flanks, in combo with NG units.

1 Hopper Team as Guardian of the Chuckas or suicide in the front lines.

2 chuckas to take out Monsters I might have trouble with otherwise.