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    2000 points friendly list

    This list includes the army box and some additions. Please comment and critique, really unsure about the effectiveness of the Doom diver. My main opponent is lizardmen. Warboss can deny ranks and wreck a flank (US 5, correct?). Steady battle line with magic support, the shammys go with the 2 short orc units and the BSB with the black orcs.

    Orc Warboss mounted in chariot- 303 ( KB, 2+/5+ save, reroll misses, pure mean)
    Ulags axe, enchanted shield, Iron gnashas, Best boss hat

    Standard bearer- orc big boss- 147 total
    Mork's spirit totem (protection from slann)

    Orc shaman- 140
    staff of baduum

    Orc shaman-120
    nibbla's itty ring

    2x 19 orc boyz-163 each
    Addtl choppa, FC

    1x20 orc boyz- 170
    addtl choppa, FC

    40 night goblins- 241
    nets, 3 fanatics, HW shield, FC

    20 black orcs- 318
    Armed to da teef, FC

    2x5 spider riders- 76 each
    bows, spears, shields, musician

    1 doom diver- 80

    forgot to add its 1997 total

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    Looks pretty solid. Could use a little diversity however.
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    Hope some of this might help...

    Looking at the list I am a bit worried about that warboss on the chariot as he might get too far ahead of your force and get smacked down by some strength 7 attacks and find him all on his lonesome right in front of your enemy which is not good for a general. I know that you are thinking about the fact that it can negate ranks on a flank charge, but I think you might find that it could be difficult getting a flank with a chariot also to add to this... you are talking about your army general and you want his leadership best spread around your units especially those night goblins.

    Also I notice with your warboss, that you have taken the iron gnashas, if I am not mistaken you could get the Bigged's kickin' boots for the same points (don't have my book on me at present)... I guess I prefer this as killing blow I find is over rated as you will be hopping for a 6 and they don't seem to come up all that often and only useful against multi-wound creatures with a unit strength of less than 3... which means its there for characters and I want my warboss smashing into those rank and file troops.

    With your standard bearer I imagine that he'll be going in one of the unit of 19... maybe up the ammount of orcs in the unit so that it will keep 3 dispell dice after a few casualties.

    it might be worth dropping a few of the night goblins out of the unit to get you a few extra points to play with and by dropping the chariot mount then you could get yourself some extra warmachines or some more footslogger.

    I actually don't mind just running big units of orcs with no real upgrades these days, with that T4 a unit of 30 can be quite formittable to take down... Then again you will be fighting lizard men as your major opponent so I would say that a rock lobba or something like that could not hurt your cause, something which you can use to hit those saurus units with and dwindle their numbers.

    Those are just a few things that you might want to think about... I'm more a goblin player then Orcs although I still love the Orcs as their is nothing quite as subtle as an orc with a choppa...
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