Right! After a while of thinking, I decided upon a nice little fluffy army. At the moment, I am still working on the backstory, but I'll put down a brief synapsys of the story.

Nuzeg Skullcrack (name still yet to be finalized) was a sucsessful orc big 'un. He wanted more. During a raid, he snuck up on the warboss and killed him in a terribly un-orcy way. The other orcs found out it was him, and threw him out of the tribe. He wandered about for a bit, and came upon a small goblin tribe, and decided to lead them.

The list!

Orc big boss - Light armor, sheild, Martogs Best Basha - 119 points
Night goblin shaman (needs a name) - Nibblas 'itty ring, level 2 - 105 points

49 Night goblins - spears, musician, boss, 3 fanatics (shaman here) - 283 points
30 Night goblins - short bows, 3 fanatics - 165 points
2 Snotling bases - xx points
10 Goblin wolf riders - sheilds, spears, full command - 170 points
5 Forest goblin spider riders - musician, standard - 83

1 Goblin spear chukka - xx points

So, I need a good name for the shaman I have, and, if anyone has anyone has an idea for the big boss, please put it out there.

Any help with the list or tactics would be greatly appreciated.