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    2,000pt Grimghor horde

    Hi, and yes, I am High Elf, but I'm postibg this army for a friend:


    Grimghor Ironhide XXXpts


    Black Orc Big Boss, BSB, Martogs Best Basha, Heavy Armour 129pts

    Night Goblin Big Boss, light armour, Great weapon, Wollopa's wun hit wunda, Amulet of Protectyness 76pts

    Night Goblin Shaman, Level upgrade, Skull wand of Kaloth 125pts


    25 Night Goblin Spearmen, Full Command 120pts

    25 Night Goblin Spearmen, Full Command 120pts

    20 Night Goblin Archers, Full Command 80pts

    10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders, Full Command 160pts

    19 Orc Boyz, Full command, Shields, Big 'Uns, Mork's Spirit-Totem 220pts

    6 Fanatics (Hidden Somewhere) XXXpts


    12 Black Orcs, Full Command 198pts

    Boar Chariot XXpts


    2 Trolls XXpts

    Total: 1969pts

    Which gives me (well, him) 40pts of magic items to spend somewhere or other.

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    Hmmm, the Orc and Goblin army list forum seems to be almost dead in terms of responses so im going to try and get things rolling and reply to alot.

    Its ok this one, but theres a few things i'd definitely change that would make it much more effective.

    Lose skull wand of kaloth, its really unlikely to help you.
    The shaman shouldn't be in combat. If this is your intention he is still unlikely to get the charge and will be mercillesly butchered by any character you would try this on, because he will be easier to kill than the rank and file goblins.
    Exchange it for either staff of sneaky stealing or two dispel scrolls.

    Split the spider riders into two units, exchange the full command for only musicians and send them down the flanks to harrass your opposition or line up flank charges.

    I'd drop the trolls, stupidity and leadership 4 just do not work.
    Spend these point on either another Boar chariot or bulking out the big uns and the black orcs.
    The blakc orc unit is definitely too small.

    another note, you have to write down in your army list where the goblins are hiding. This is important both for working out victory points and also so that the oppo doesn't whine an say "you made them come out of the most oppurtune unit, not the one you bought them in."

    I'd lose the goblin big boss aswell, He could be amazing, but the point are better spent on another chariot or a doom diver catapult.

    My two cents.

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