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Thread: 2000 O&G army

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    2000 O&G army

    Hi all! Well, this is the army list that I made in order to play with my friends, and maybe in a near future, use it in a tournament. What do you think?

    Ork Warboss
    Choppa; Light armour; Shield; Ulag's Akrit Axe; Ironback Boar; Warboss Umm's Best Boss 'At

    Black Ork Big Boss
    Heavy armour; Shield; Porko's Pigstikka; Orc Boar Chariot.

    Night Goblin Shaman
    Staff Of Sneaky Stealin'; Wizard Level 2.

    Orc Shaman
    Choppa; Nibbla's 'Itty Ring; Wizard Level 2; 1 Dispel Scroll; Boar.

    20 Orc Boys
    Choppa; Light armour; Shield; Orc Boss; Standard Bearer; Musician

    20 Orc Boys
    Additional choppa; Light armour; Orc Boss; Standard Bearer; Musician

    29 Night Goblins
    Spears; Nets; Shield; Night Goblin Boss; Standard Bearer; Musician; 2 Fanatics

    5x2 Goblin Wolf Riders
    Spears; Light armour; Musicians

    15 Black Orks
    A huge array of choppas; Heavy armour; Shield; Standard Bearer; Musician; Gork's Waaagh! Banner

    2 Goblin Spear Chukka

    6 Orc Boar Boys
    Spears; Light armour; Shield; Boar Boy Boss; Standard Bearer; Musician; Nogg's Banner Of Butchery

    Goblin Doom Diver

    My plan is to make a powerfull and fast flank with the Blork in chariot and the orc boars plus a wolf screen, and a core of infantry units in the center in order to have a strong center. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    PD: Sorry for my english xD

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    heros and lords - ok ( i make diferent only coz i love different... your combination is ok)

    core - my sugestion is to get less biger units (no 2x20 noraml orcs, but 1 x 25 big uns with full comand) 20 gobos (you dont need more... they are they at all to take fanatics on enemy and to run away... my oppinion) wolf riders are ok, with spear and musician... use them for flank and for machine hunt...

    spec - i know that it is army of 2000 pts... but what you think tou will do with 15 black orcs... take biger units of orcs... 2...3.. biger units... better then 6 small... my opinion... take 20 or more black orcs (i allways get 25 of them in formation 4x6 with hero inside (front is 6) but i play allways in 2500 pts.. ) or dont take it... you can take squigs better then black orc's in this case, and see if you can get 1 more doom diver... other is ok...

    **get 2 strong units in middle and all cavalery on wings... and simply... go brake some bones ... biger units = more ranks = harder to panic (enemy cant easy take over 25% of unit) = better unit... small units = run away in panic... this is orcs... base LD 7... your bigest enemy is panic and animosity... if you beat them... few of them can stay on your way... have a nice day!

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