this army work very nice...

-black orc warboss
cleva (warboss ironclavs waaagh...)
havy arm

-black orc big boss
marthogs best basha
kicking boots (+1 At)
havy arm
boar charot

-night gobo shaman lvl 1

-night gobo boss
giant squig
sneaky skewrer
amulet of protektynes
guzzla backbone Brew


-orc big uns (25 [5x5]) 2 hand veapons full comand, mag banner. morks spirit tottem
-night gobo wolf riders (5) music. spear
-night gobo wolf riders (5) music. spear
-night gobo's (20) musician netters 2xfanatics


-black orc's (24 [4x6] and lord is inside this unit) shields, full comand, war banner
-savage orc's boar boys big uns (6) all equipment, full comand, mag baner +d6' on charge
-orc boar boys bug uns (6) all equipment, full comand, mag banner "one use, all +1At
-2 x spear chukas


Doom diver
Doom diver

This army is very funny for play, many diferent models, and army is strong if you know how to play it... no need more block's of orc's coz you can deploy them on table and tacktik with them nice coz of teren... 2 fast cavalery and 2 havy cavalery give you nice flank units, and havy cavalery can easily kick ass even in front on 90% of units... gobos is there only for fanatics, and 2 doom divers and 2 chukas for shooting faze... guy on charot beleave me, if no1 shoot him, kick ass nicely to enemy fast cavalery, smaller units, and whatever light he charge or been charged by them... Have your opinion i just want to know what you thing about this army... ! Thank you