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    2250 O&G, starting point - touney

    I have read through the O&G book over the last few days and it has become apparent that they lack in 2 area's...
    hard hitting units & solid defensive units...
    so i have tried to come up with a list that can compete, but i think that the chances of it winning compared to other army constructions is average to low... this is only due to the fact that they lack the hard hitting unit to crack a opponents defensive unit, solo and conversly dont have the holding power to stave off a opponent charge with there elite unit.
    i dont think magic is the way to go with this army either, as the leader ship value is low and the combat general is needed to be close by for that break test or panic test that you will undoubtedly face.
    so here we go, please comment so that i can change a list that i consider average to highly competative.

    Orcs & Goblins

    LORD (266)
    Black orc warboss, with boar (goes with a unit of 5 savage orc boar riders)
    equipment: HA & SLD
    items: ulag’s akrit axe, warboss imbad’s iron gnashas & warboss's best war hat
    total = 266

    HEROS (506)
    Black Orc big boss (BS on a boar (goes with the unit of Big un's orc boyz)
    equipment : HA
    items: effigy of mork & enchanted shield
    total = 180
    Black orc big boss, on a boar chariot
    equipment: HA & SLD
    items: porko’s pigstika
    total = 211
    Orc Shaman level 1 wizard (goes with the normal orc boyz)
    items: 2x dispell scroll
    total = 115

    CORE (714)
    28x Big Un’s - orc boyz armed with hand weapon & shields
    FC & mork's spirit totem
    total = 360
    24x orc boyz armed with hand weapon & shields
    total = 174
    6x forest spider + bows + muso
    total = 90
    6x forest spider + bows + muso
    total = 90

    SPECIAL (477)
    6x Big Un's - savage orc boar boyz armed with spear & shield
    SB, Muso & warbanner
    total = 244
    5x savage orc boar boyz armed with spear & shield
    total = 163
    2x spear chukkas
    total = 70

    RARE (285)
    Doom diver
    total = 80
    total = 205

    total army cost = 2248

    PD3 not intending to cast
    DD7 + 2x DS

    the tactic is be as aggressive as possible, lots of low points costing unit. so throw them away if you have to. the strength of my middle is 2 blocks and a giant 3 things to take a charge on, before collasping their ranks.

    please comment on the list, i am trying to smooth it out so it can be as solid as possible.

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