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    2000 point O&G tournament list

    Orc Warboss
    Wyvern, collar of zorgar, akrit axe. 350

    Orc big boss 94
    great weapon, itty ring

    Orc shamen LV2 125
    Dispell scroll

    Orc shamen LV2 140
    Horn of Orgok

    19 orc big uns 269
    banner, extra choppa, morks spirit

    17 Black orcs 278
    boss, banner, banner of butchery

    40 Night goblins 170
    short bows 2 fanatics

    10 orcs 75
    shield boss

    1 wolf chariot XX
    4 bolt throwers XX
    1 doom diver XX
    1 giant XX

    I've had fairly good success against Empire and High Elves and now I'm about to start facing other armies at a local tournament. Any advice or comments welcome.
    Just Edited out a few individual points costs as doing so is against GW's copyright rules, and amended a couple of minor typos while I was at it. -AFG//

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    Welcome to LO!

    Whilst I face O&G a fair amount, I won't profess to knowing vast amounts of them. But here are my thoughts anyway:
    Your characters look good. Remember that they're there for support primarily (I remember when I used to completely max mine out to try and morph them into killing machines), through magic, helping win combats, and boosting Ld mainly.

    My two concerns with your list are the 10-strong Orc unit (too small, I suspect), and the Night Gobbos. The former, I'd consider making bigger, and the latter, I'd consider splitting into two equal-sized units (20-strong with a Fanatic each). They can take a pop at winning combats through CRes, and even split can work out pretty well.

    The Giant, I wouldn't expect big things from. He's a lot of fun to use, but rarely game-winning.

    Otherwise, your list looks pretty solid. Maybe a little overkill on the BTs, but it's your call there, and I also think those R&F units look pretty nasty.

    Half of what I've just said is probably wrong, but I hope it helps anyway.

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    i think you lack a solid line of troops (ie not enough black orcs) and not enough gobbos+fanatics. looks like a fun army tho.

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    i agree with meetha your line is to small the 10orcs are good for suport but wont serve any other purpose hope you can get the black orcs into combat quick cause if not they will get shot to death after your opponent kills your giant you have lots of shootin witch works if u foucus fire on prime point targets where is your fast cave you will probly need some magic looks nice along with magic defence hope this helps

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