2000 point Night Goblin themed army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 point Night Goblin themed army


    Decided to make a NG themed 2k point army with some giants as backup. This is my first list so I am sure there are mistakes but bare with me Any help much appreciated!


    Skarsnik XX


    NG Boss on Squig 124p
    light armour and shield and
    Wollopas one hit wunda and brimstone bauble

    NG Shaman 135p
    Lvl 2
    Staff of Sneaky Stealing

    NG Boss BSB - 59p
    Big Red Banner
    light armour and shield


    30 NG (handweapons) + musicians + 2 fanatics - 144p
    35 NG (handweapons) + musicians + 2 fanatics - 159p
    35 NG (handweapons) + musicians + boss + 2 fanatics - 167p
    29 NG (handweapons) + Full Command + 3 fanatics + nets 217p (Skarsnik joins that group)


    4x Goblin Spear Chukka - 140p
    8x Hoppers - 120p
    8x Hoppers - 120p


    2x Giant - XX

    = 2000p exactly

    I understand that hoppers are very fragile but the whole point of playing NGs are that they are very random and fun

    Are two Giants overkill? Maybe remove one, and get 2 pump wagons or something?
    Or remove 2 spear chukkas and get 1 rock lobber instead?

    I may remove all fanatics from skarnik group and add them to the others as skarnik will probably be targeted first and people will think that there are 3 hiding there.

    The NG boss on a squig is a fun random suicide character. Sometimes he'll fail miserable, othertimes it may work

    Only big worry is that I only have 1 shaman and 0 dispel dice as the Staff takes 50p

    Last thing, should the BSB be in a NG group or alone?


    Last edited by ArchonFarseerGuy; February 19th, 2009 at 02:06. Reason: Removed a couple of points costs

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    The list seems fun but a few correction...

    you guessed it! 2 giants is a little overkill. If you want another fun suicide unit, drop a giant, take 2 snotling pump wagons and maybe give all NG units nets as they are frail creatures and -1 strength will let them tie up combat even more.

    As for more magic defense, against heavy magic armies, dropping the suicide character and adding a lvl 1 shaman with 2 scrolls will do you a lot more good as the single character will be shot down or magiced quickly if your enemy senses a threat.

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