i am dusting off the ol' orcs and goblins and want to convert my army into a nice little night gobbo horde.

NG Great Shaman - lv.4, 3 magic mushrooms - 215

NG Big Boss - BSB, big red raggedy banner - 105
NG Shaman - lv.2, staff of sneaky stealin - 135
NG Shaman - nibbla's itty ring, 3 mushrooms - 135

i love the little waaaagh, and night gobbos should have tricks up their sleeves, which includes a solid magic phase.

Night Goblins - 30, spears, nets, command, 1 fanatic - 200
Night Goblins - 30, spears, nets, command, 1 fanatic - 200
Night Goblins - 30, nets, command, 2 fanatics - 195

Squig Hoppers - 8 hoppers - 120
Squig Hoppers - 8 hoppers - 120
Spear Chukka x2 - 70
Rock Lobba - 70

i'm hoping to do some conversion with the spear chukkas. the rock lobba will have obligatory squig ammo.

Giant - 205
Doom Diver - 80

Total - 1850 (have 150 points left)

The first draft of this list had a unit of trolls. i'm prepared to deal with the leadership issues of having ld.6, but stupidity might just be too much for me. the doom diver is a model i have kicking around but i'd be interested in hearing arguments for/against using my leftover points to get a second giant and run 2 squig hopper/giant combos down either flank. if i do do that, i can add a 5th fanatic, which would be nice. the giants offer some cool converting possibilities too - being held back by fanatic models, being painted green by some snotlings etc.

of course, i could get some snotling screens for my night goblin units.

any tips? it's been a while since i've played fantasy...