Current list. Savage orc heavy. 2000 points what you do you think? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Current list. Savage orc heavy. 2000 points what you do you think?

    Sorry posted in wrong place! please move, swear that was in army list section

    All big orc units with loads of attacks 6 wide to get even more, has been pretty fun so far but hard using the 10 arrer boys and wolfs to stop things baiting the frenzied units but no disasters so far. What you think, I'm not sure how best to equip the warboss really?

    Savage orc warboss w/ light armour, ulag’s akrit axe, spitefull shield, collar of zorga, iron gnashas
    Savage orc BSB w/ spirit totem, light armour
    Night goblin w/ scroll

    24 Savage Orcs Big uns’ w/ banner, musician, additional choppas
    23 Savage orcs w/ FC, additional choppas
    10 arrer bows w/ boss
    5 wolf riders w/ spears, bows

    2 bolt throwers
    18 black orcs w/ fc, banner of butchery

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    It seems like a heavy hitting list, but maybe a little too much for greenies. With only 3 units you want in combat, you will likely get charged by multiple units or be easily baited. I might suggest maybe dropping the blorcs or reducing one savage orc unit to 12. This would still give a 6 wide unit, but more of a support squad. This way you could add some fast stuff like boar boyz or some more fast cavalry. With this elite green list I might also suggest dropping the giant for the same reason as before, more units. Thats just a personal distaste for giants though.

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