oryt this is my list, it has the two shamans, because i need them, because just about all of my local GW gamers use two level twos at least, and ive tried 1 lvl 1,1 lvl 2, 2lvl 1s and sincenone of them work, ive tried this, if you cant beat em, join em.

black orc bigboss-heavy armour-89

shaman-lvl 2-85

shaman-lvl 1, 2 magic mushrooms-70

25 gobbos-h.w and sheild-100

20 night gobbos-h.w and sheild,fanatic-105

20 boyz-h.w and sheild,full command-150

20 boyz-h.w and sheild,full command-150

7 squig hoppers-105

gobbo chariot-extra crew and wolf-66

2 spear chukkas

1000 points

all criticisms comments or anything else you feel you need to say welcome