Ok now I know the army might look fubar to some you, but I am trying to build it around the boxed army that was released to save money. So here it is

Lord-Gorbad Ironclaw

Heroes-Black Orc Big Boss w/ Hand Weapon, Sheild, Heavy Armour, Effigy of Mork
Goblin Big Boss w/ Gigantic Spider, Light Armour, Sneaky Skewerer, Sheild

Core-Orc Boyz x20 w/ Full Command, Sheilds
Orc Boyz x20 w/ Full Command, Sheilds
Forest Goblin Spider Riders x10 w/ Full Command
Night Goblins x20 w/ Full Command, Spears, Nets, x2 Fanatics

Special-Orc Boar Boyz x7 w/ Full Command, Big Un'z
Black Orcs x19 w/ Full Command, Sheilds, Noggs Banner of Butchery
Night Goblin Squig Herd x3 Hunting Teams
Orc Boar Chariot

My Questions are #1 I am having trouble kitting out the 2 heros properly any ideas would be cool, and no im not changing the goblin from riding a spider.

#2 What would you suggest for defense against magic, I am having trouble, I dont want to be casting too much or any magic at all, as I want to run my men right into the enemy. But I feel I will need some kind of minor magic defense. I still have a few points open and I am willing to drop the chariot.

You may notice this is in another section too, I forgot there was an exclusive army list section otherwise I would have put it here first my bad.