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Thread: 2250 goblin

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    i am da Wahhchief Digger's Avatar
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    utrecht, Holland
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    320 (x8)

    2250 goblin

    heres a thought im having, i need a few more goblins to get this done first and
    i could use some pointers before i start buying those last buggers.

    the leadership is a bit low, i think i can counter that by using mostly artillery and magic, taking out fearcasters and shootas

    i think i will deploy at the very edge of the table to have max distance between us.

    bosses: 589

    Goblin Big boss, on wolf, shield, light armour porko's pigstikka, collar of Zorga
    This is mr. general in big wolf unit, he'll be sitting in the rear till enemy gets near

    Goblin Big bos, on chariot, light armour, great weapon, brimstone bauble
    This is mr. kamikaze

    Night Goblin Great Shaman, lvl 4, itty ring, dispel scroll

    Night Goblin Shaman, lvl 2, staff of sneaky stealin

    Core: 1297 !

    44 ng spearmen, command, 2 fanatics
    48 ng swordsmen, command, netters, 2 fanatics
    26 ng archers, 2 fanatics
    25 ng archers, 1 fanatic
    2 snotling bases

    5 spider riders, bows, musician
    5 wolf riders, musician
    24 wolf riders, shields, spears, command

    special: 270

    4 spearchukkas
    rock lobber
    wolf chariot

    rare: xxx

    2 doomdivers

    total 2250

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    Member Mikel2495's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
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    6 (x1)

    To be honest, you really need far more units that you have. My 1000pt list has over 120 models AND a Giant.
    The real advantage of a Goblin army is the sheer number of models you can field and the large block of Wolf Riders really won't accomplish as much as its equivalent amount of Night Goblins. For the price of that unit, you could take another couple of smaller Night Goblin units.
    A Rock Lobba isn't necessary with a pair of Doom Divers and two pairs of Spear Chukkaz. Just use the points to get more and more models.
    Armies: (Chaos) Space Marines [1250pts], O&G [2250 pts], OK [1000pts]
    Da face of Mork looks down on the Gobbers of da Bwoo Moon, da bestest Gobbos eva.

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