Hello folks, I'm from Brazil, and do play with Orcs,

Our tournaments have dark elfs, lizards, Wof, DoC HE and sometimes Dwarfs ou Vampires.

Last time I place 9/10 (using a Grimgor Army, whose was killed by a big frog, what a shame)

I'm trying something different and 'd like yours oppinion

Azhag 450

Orc Big Boss BSB 142 - BSB 25, Nibblas Itty Ring 20, Amulet of Protectyness 25, Light Armour
20 Black Orcs 298 - Full command (I pretend to switch this unit for a Giant, I didn't buy it)

OBB Riding a Boar 135 - Shield, Light Armor, Martog's Best Basha, Warboss Umm's Best Big Boss'At (excluding the Lord, this hero should hold the fights)
29 Orc Big Uns Musician 355, Standard Bearer, Shield, Morks Spirit Totem

Night Goblin Shama 130 - Level 2, one dispel scroll 2 Mad cap Mushroom
27 Night Goblins 168- 3 Fanatics, Musician, boss

28 Night Goblins 171 - Musician, boss, 3 fanatics

Orc Boar Chariot 80

2 Spear Chukka 35 each

For a total of 1999

The Orcs and BO on the middle, with the two NG protecting the flanks, the chariot on the open side, to flank or hunt warmachines and the wyvernm to flank also. The NGShama can or cannot be inside a unit, depends of the enemy army.

What do you think?

I have some questions,

Should I exclude the BO troops for a Giant? I don't have the trolls because the would fail the stupidity test without their General?

Should I try the Snotling Waggon?

Do I need any Spider troops?