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    750 pt "Bow"-line

    So I regularly play a Lizardman player in 750 and 1000 point games, so I was trying to come up with a list to counter his normal lists. Normally he plays 2 skink priests (both lvl 2) and possibly a Saurus character (either in his Saurus or Saurus Cav unit), and he always brings at least one unit of ~12 skink skirmishers (sometimes 2). Here is the victorious 749 pt list I used last night.

    Orc Shaman, lvl 2, power stone, war paint 150 pts

    N. Goblin Shaman, lvl 2, staff of sneaky stealin' 135 pts

    N. Goblin Shaman, lvl 2, 1 MM 95 pts

    11 Orc Arrer Boys w/Musician 71 pts

    20 N. Goblins w/musician, bows, and 2x Fanatics 114 pts

    20 N. Goblins w/musician, bows, and 2x Fanatics 114 pts

    2x Spear Chukkas 70 pts

    My opponent decided to try something a little different, he only brought one skink priest, so I dominated on the Magic Phase. He also used his skinks (two units of 12) to both protect his Saurus Cav from my Spear chukkas and to trigger my fantics. The turn that killed him was when he attempted to charge my NGs with his Saurus Cav and failed the charge by less than one inch, because he was trying to avoid my fanatics. I do feel a little "dirty" for using my army as a turtle, but he has consistantly beaten me with all of his previous lists.

    Was this win a fluke, or is a O&G "bow"-line a viable option in small scale games?

    My Armies: Orc & Goblins, Vampire Counts, Empire, Space Marines/Blood Angels, and Cygnar

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    Yay burn those lizards!

    hard to say for only 750 points. It was his own choice not to bring much magic, and you brought alot

    Could even have ditched the sneaky stealing staff and power stone(they were probably of little use even if he had more magic), just to turn the arrerboys into another unit of fanatic gobbo archers, or even 2 more bolt throwers.

    i have to admit though, even though lizards outmatch the orcs and goblins, in smaller games, we get an extremely powerfull gunline. Too bad it is not so in 2.000 :p

    Cheesy? NO

    He lost because you played your units well and he made mistakes in the charges. Well played.
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