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    2005 Friendly List

    It's been a while since I've played the Orcs and Goblins, and I wanted to put together a friendly 2000ish point list (we allow up to 5 points over in fantasy). How's this look?


    Orc Big Boss w/boar chariot, akrit's best axe, biggel's kickin boots, heavy armor, shield [201]

    Black Orc Big Boss w/battle standard, mork's spirit totem [160]

    Orc Shaman w/lvl 2, 2 dispel scrolls [150]

    Goblin Shaman w/lvl 2, dispel scroll, nibbla's itty ring [140]


    29 Orc Boyz w/full command, shields [204] (the BSB goes here)

    20 Goblins w/short bows, musician [84]

    20 Goblins w/short bows, musician [84]

    5 Goblin Spider Riders w/short bows, musician [71]

    5 Goblin Spider Riders w/short bows, musician [71]

    29 Night Goblins w/full command, 3 fanatics [184] (goblin shaman goes here)


    17 Black Orcs w/full command, shields, Nogg's banner of butchery [301]

    Rock Lobber w/bully [75]

    Spear Chukka w/bully [40]

    Spear Chukka w/bully [40]

    Boar Chariot [80]


    Doom Diver Catapult [80]

    Snotling Pump Wagon [40]

    How's it look? I'm not sure where to put the Orc shaman yet. I may hide him with a spear chukka (in which case I can drop a bully). What do you think?

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    Straight away I notice that the Orc Big Boss has 55 points of magic items which isn't allowed. You should make him a Black Orc Warboss anyway though as they're much stronger... Another point to make, give the BSB heavy armour so that he has some form of protection...

    I might add more at a later stage...

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    (A lot of these points are going to start with "I", so please let me apologise in advance for the narcissism. My mind can't handle Warhammer,alcohol related throbbing and dramatic sentence construction all in one glut)

    I like Black Orc over Orc characters, and I like them in units. It tends to spread his Ld around better and you want to be trying to do everything you can to minimise the chance of Squabbling. Also, mount them on boars for the extra armour.

    I'd definitely switch the Orc and Goblin Shaman's magic items around- the extra toughness makes him harder for the 'itty Ring to wound should it backfire. You should have enough dispel dice to survive on just 1 or 2 scrolls too.

    The cost of Mork's Spirit Totem means you can put it in a unit of big 'uns and free the BSB up to carry some nice choppy items.

    There's nothing glaringly bad about your core. I might make your archers Night Goblins to free up a few more points and I' find the points for make your Boyz Big'uns so they can carry the Spirit Totem. I might just be tempted to take a single fanatic though, or at least spread them out should your archers develop a taste for black hoods and fungus beer.

    Not a fan of Black Orcs, but then a lot of people look down on me for dipping cheese in coffee so I'll leave this one up to personal taste.

    I'm only just really looking into Orcs as an army (Been playing a lot of Warcraft 3 lately) so I don't know my onions as well as others might, but I can't see myself ever not using Squig Hoppers. Their randomness gives them a much bigger threat range than they deserve and being able to charge what they can't see is golden- opens up a lot of fun tactics involving woods and buildings.

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