Hi, facing my friends DE again... I've really learned to hate that army

Our second game of 3k points! The first one i won by a marginal victory, however, that was my first victory against him.

Tonight, im gonna try something different, as always.

Blorc WB, ha,shield, boar, battleaxe of the last waagh

Goblin BB, LA, BSB, bad moon on a stick
NG Shaman, lvl2, dispel scroll, mad caps
Orc Shaman, lvl 2 warbanner, 2x magic shrooms, boar
Orc BB, LA, Choppa, Akrit Axe, dispel scroll

28xOrcs, Biguns, musician, sb, morks spirit totem, shields
(warboss goes here)

34x NG, Nets, music, sb, 3 fanatics, spears
(Goblin BB and NG Shaman goes here)

20x NG, bows 3 fanatics

10x Orcs, FC, Choppas
(orc shaman here)

10x Spider Riders, FC, Bows

11x Black orcs, shields, musician, sb, butchery banner

2x Spear chukkas

6x Squig hoppers


1x Giant

3x Store trolls

Hopefully this army will do well. Im trying to have a few big units to tie up a few of his, and hopfully I'll be able to flank him to hell.

What do you guys think of this composition?