I've felt likie i've been flogging a dead horse recently with the orcs and goblins. The only lists I find that are competative are magic and shooting heavy. Infact I've enjoyed quite some success with my mushroom and powerstone heavy 5 war machine army, but Orcs are meant to be about combat. As such im looking to change tack a little bit. Here is an attempt at a list with almost no magic or shooting. Do people reckon it'd work? Alll comments apreciated.

Savage orc Warboss - 255
- Boar
- Ligght armour
- Shield
- Warboss Ironclaw's Waagh Cleaver
(6 attacks on the charge with a runefang should be brutal enough to maim pretty much anything. He has ok protection too.)

Black orc Big boss - 180
- Boar
- Heavy armour
- Battle Standard Bearer
- martogs best basha
- Effigy of mork
(WS 7 and -1 to hit means most people will be hitting this guy on 5+s, and alot of common infantry hitting on 6s. combined with a 3+ armour should keep him alive quite well.)

Savage orc Big boss - 196
- Chariot
- Light armour
- additional Choppa
- Warboss imbads iron gnashas
- Collar of Zorga
I'll send this guy after opposition characters, particularly if mounted on monstrous mount.

Night goblin shaman - 100
- 2 dispel scrolls

23 orc Big uns - 310
- Shields
- Full command
- Morks spirit totem

5 spider riders - 71
- musician

5 spider riders - 71
- musician

15 Black orcs - 273
- shields
- Full command
- Gorks waagh banner

5 savage orc boar boys - 188
- shields
- Full command
- Noggs banner of butchery

Orc Boar chariot - XXX

Goblin wolf chariot - XXX

Giant - XXX

Total - 1999

Anywho, What do people reckon? Thanks in advance for all comments.